Facebook Marketing Strategy- Understanding Digital Sales Funnel ( AIDA )

Facebook Marketing Strategy- Understanding Digital Sales Funnel

( aida )


Raising awareness of your brand to your potential audience. Having a strong online presence is vital to businesses nowadays because so many people sell their product and service online. Therefore this is where you want to get their attention through a strong website and online presence

You can also increase your brand awareness through advertising in social media, it will increase your visibility


Make sure that advertising information is broken up and easy to read, with interesting subheadings and illustrations. Once your potential customers know who you are, you can get them interested in what you sell. You have to earn their trust and need to prove why you are relevant to them. 

You want to let them feel that you want to help them, not sell to them. To do this successfully, you need a clear understanding of your customer’s needs. 


At this point, your potential customers should be aware of your brand and interested in your product. So how do you persuade your customers to buy your product? Convey to the audience the value of the product or service, and why they need it in their life.Answer any questions they might have at this stage and make it clear how your product or service is unique compared to others. 

Talk about USP’s and the benefits of your product. Now is the time to sell your product and service !


Good advertising should elicit a sense of urgency that motivates consumers to take action RIGHT NOW. After customers have started trusting your brand, you have to convince them to take action. 

This could include offering an attractive discount, free trial or free e-book. 

Using the AIDA model can help you reach more customers.

AIDA model is usually used in traditional consumer marketing, the same principles can be applied to your digital marketing to be successful in your market online.

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