How to Use WhatsApp For Digital Marketing ?

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Businesses focus a lot of their marketing activities on  a lot of social media platforms. One of the reasons is that there are a huge number of active users on those platforms. 

WhatsApp is more than just a messaging app for people. It can be a great platform for businesses to communicate with their prospective customers as well as existing customers. 

Let’s now look at how businesses can communicate with their audience on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Business App

WhatsApp launched a Business App which was “built with the small business owner in mind” according to them. With the WhatsApp Business App, “businesses can interact with customers easily using tools to  quickly respond to messages.”

Here are what you can know the function of Whatsapp Business App :

1. Create a Business Profile 

WhatsApp allows businesses to create a verified business profile through which businesses can display important information regarding them like the business description and category, website address, physical address, opening times.

2. Organize and Label Your Contact 

Businesses can organize and label their contacts so that they can easily segment their leads or audience and communicate with them. For example, you can label and segment your audience as “prospects”, “existing customers”,”pending subscription”, to help distinguish your audience and send messages to each of the labels accordingly.

3. Create Automated Messages and Greetings 

You can use automated messages or automated greetings to answer your audience when you are away, or unable to answer. An automated message can be something that says you are away right now and will be getting back to them by a specified time. 

4. Use Quick Replies

You can set certain messages that you use often as ‘quick replies’ and quickly use them whenever you need to while communicating with your audience. You can set your brand messages, product/service offers, introductions, as ‘quick messages’ and use them with your prospects and customers.

5. Use Analytics 

The Analytics provided by WhatsApp Business are still basic in nature and might probably be developed further. But they are still useful. You can know the amount of sent messages, number of messages delivered and number of messages read.

WhatsApp also has a Business Api service which helps businesses build their own official WhatsApp messaging experience for efficiently communicating with their audience. Also, it is more likely that Facebook is going to introduce more features for marketing on WhatsApp sooner or later. However, businesses have enough opportunities now on WhatsApp.

Ways to Utulize Whatsapp for You Business

Provide Customer Service 

A great way to use WhatsApp for your business is providing customer service. Businesses are already using messenger platforms like Facebook Messenger to provide customer service. While WhatsApp is not as advanced as Facebook Messenger bot, it is still a great platform for your customers to place orders, make enquiries.


You can use WhatsApp to send updates to your audience. If your business is product-based, you can send updates regarding new product releases or upgrades or if you are a restaurant or a cake shop, you can update your audience on new items. If you are a blogger or vlogger or a YouTuber, you can update your audience regarding new content. Think of WhatsApp as a modified form of email marketing. The possibilities are endless. You can use Broadcast lists to send messages to multiple contacts at once. However, a broadcast list is limited to 256 contacts.

Create and Promotes Offer 

You can create and promote offers, freebies, discounts on WhatsApp. Make sure that they are relevant and useful to your audience. Let your audience know when you seek their contacts that you wish to send them seasonal offers and discounts. Of course, do it sparingly. You can use broadcast lists for this.

Make Use of Stories

Stories are always interesting, no matter from whom they are. That’s the reason why almost every social media platform started to incorporate ‘stories’ since Snapchat introduced the feature and made it a success. WhatsApp stories are really a great way for businesses to communicate to their audience regarding almost anything. You can introduce new products, promote offers, promote your events, give sneak-peeks, show inside pictures of your workplace or restaurant, and so on.

Create Groups & Form Communties

You can create groups on WhatsApp and build communities around your brand. Using groups, you can interact with your audience effectively and they too can interact among themselves. 

Using groups, businesses can discuss about their events, seek feedback from their audience, make use of user-generated content and interact with the members on various things. However, a group can only have a maximum of 256 users. 

While these are some of the ways you can use WhatsApp for your business, you can get more creative and make use of this platform in many different and exciting ways. It all depends on your business, your brand and your audience.


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