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The name of “SOLVEDPROS” was inspired by the term “Solve Problems”. Our initial goal is to help online entrepreneurs to solve their online marketing problems. Soon after SOLVEDPROS was established, we found the need to transform traditional businesses from offline to online.

At SOLVEDPROS, we focused on creating true value and ROI for our clients via digital strategies married with real-time business concepts. We will assist clients with the business planning, designs, and the execution of the marketing activities.

We care our clients’ growth as much as we care for our business. Ask about our portfolio and we will share with you our previous results.


Success Stories

      We’ve helped more than 150 small and medium companies launch more than 1550 campaigns. Spent more than 100k monthly advertising fee on Facebook and generated more than 30 million sales.

      We serve different industries. We provide good marketing ideas, build brand awareness through Facebook, and manage the entire company’s Facebook page. Get more potential customers through Facebook ads. Not only has the company gained brand awareness on social media, but it has also improved the company’s overall performance.

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Don’t push people where you want to be , meet them where they are.