Reasons Why You Are Unable To Verify Your Facebook Business

After submitting all your business documents, you found out that Facebook is unable to verify your business identity. Why is that? You may be facing some issues getting verified, find out which information is missing and re-submit your business details. 

1. Business ID

In this case, Facebook encountered some issue in the process of verifying your business identity with the government ID or official documents that you uploaded. Your photo might not meet the requirements, try re-upload the government ID following the requirement as below:

      • Show all four corners of the ID
      • Keep the ID flat on a table and take the photo from the top, avoid angle photo taking
      • Use a dark background, avoid white or light-colored backgrounds.
      • Show all information on your business ID. Digitally modified photos are not accepted

Take note that submitting your business ID too many times can be one of the reasons. If that’s the case, submit again with another admin of your Business Manager.

2. Business Details

If you have received confirmation that Facebook have verified your business identity, but still having issues on verifying your business, it might due to the following:

    • Submission incomplete

Facebook does not accept self-filed documents by the business without an official signature or seal. You will need to upload the approved registration certificate with signature and/or with official seal. 

    • Document is unable to view

Your business supporting document might be too small, blurry, low resolution or in a corrupted file. Re-upload again with a higher resolution or format, try scanning your document.

    • Document has expired

Make sure your document is renewed and uploaded with a current effective date.

    • Does not contain, partial or unmatch business address

The business address needs to be a full business address uploaded together with business’s legal name.

    • Issue with website domain

Make sure that your website belongs to your business and is viewable to the public that features the company’s name or logo. Email domain and web address should match as well.

    • Additional documents required

You may need to provide additional documents to verify your business details such as a utility bill with a phone number. The extra information needs to be provided within one week otherwise you may need to start the process again.

Check all of the above, making sure all your business details are submitted meeting all the requirements.